Get All The Details On Alexa & Carlos PenaVega’s New Movie, ‘Love at Sea’!

Posted on May 24th, 2018 by Stephanie

It was just last month that we heard and saw the first Instagrams from Alexa and Carlos PenaVega‘s upcoming Hallmark movie – and now we know many more details!

The new movie will be called Love at Sea and based off of Barbara Oliverio’s book “Love on the Lido Deck.” Carlos and Alexa will also serve as executive producers on the film.

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Dear Life… how about we start fresh?

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Carlos & Alexa PenaVega New Mystery Movie in Development

Posted on January 15th, 2018 by Stephanie

​Carlos and Alexa PenaVega starred in a very successful Hallmark Channel movie, ‘Enchanted Christmas’ for their 2017 Christmas lineup.

It was just announced that Hallmark Movies & Mysteries has been given the green light for the making of a brand new mystery movie starring the couple. The movie is written by Walter Klenhard, who has been a big hand in the popular “Garage Sale Mysteries” movies on Hallmark.​

​Alexa and Carlos will star alongside one another in the new mystery movie. Alexa’s character owns a photo studio where she creates beautiful portraits for special occasions as well as for real estate brokers, etc. She uses her strong intuition and innate ability to help solve mysteries that somehow find her. In addition to photography, Alexa’s character gets a part time job using her videography skills and starts making her way down to breaking stories. If she is able to get good footage, she attempts selling it to a local news station.

​This is where her real life husband, Carlos comes in. He plays a detective for the local police. They continue to run into each other at the scenes of these breaking stories.

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FIRST STOP - St Thomas

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All Of Hallmark Channel’s 2017 Christmas Movies Ranked

Posted on January 5th, 2018 by Stephanie

13. Enchanted Christmas
Alexa PenaVega had been in a couple Hallmark movies prior to this and they were always very enjoyable, so it was fun when it was announced that her real-life husband, Carlos PenaVega, would be joining her in the Hallmark family. This was their first Hallmark movie together and their off-screen chemistry shone through, nice and clear. It was easy to see how comfortable they were with each other, which made everything much come across as more real. The movie would’ve been a bit better, though, had their characters had more time with each other since viewers didn’t get to see their previous history, meaning their scenes together had to really bring across a great past love, as well as the rebuilding of that love.
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