“I’m a Barbie Girl” LEXLOS Vlog 0017

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“Cruising with Clooney” LEXLOS Vlog 0016

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“Its Los’ Birthday!” LEXLOS Vlog 0015

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“I married a SPYKID” LEXLOS VLOG 0012

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7 Reasons Why Carlos & Alexa PenaVega Will Be The Best Parents

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ANDPOP has a nice article on why Carlos and Alexa will be great parents.

After a year of dating, Big Time Rush actor/musician Carlos Pena Jr. tied the knot with actress Alexa Vega early 2014, making them the PenaVegas (how new age of them).

Alexa, (best known for her roles in the Spy Kids movies) and Carlos have been documenting their lives on the Pena’s YouTube channel (which he first started in 2012) over the past year. It was on June 22 of this year that the couple announced to all of their followers that they’re expecting.

The YouTube channel  now called “LexLovesLos” — yes, they’re that cute — now posts pregnancy vlogs along with their regular vlogs. It’s no surprise that after Carlos’ amazing performance on Grease Live! as Kenickie early this year and Alexa’s upcoming movie projects, we’re quickly becoming obsessed with the pair.

As they continue to document their lives we’ll continue to enjoy them and see them progress as a couple — and become the best parents.

How do we know they’ll be great parents? Let us break it down:

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“Waiting for Kendalls facetime” LEXLOS VLOG 0011

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Lex - Pregnancy Vlog 0002

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“How to Train Your Wife” LEXLOS Vlog 0010

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