Summer 2007 Magazine & Calendars

Posted on May 27th, 2007 by Stephanie

The Summer 2007 Magazine was just added to the forums, and I also made desktop calendars for June, July and August.

The magazine is going to take a break over the summer, since we haven't gotten much participation in a while. Only one person sent something in this time, and the May magazine got zero comments (other than my own) in the forum.

We are still going to be doing birthday projects for Krizia and Alexa this summer, so the birthday projects will be posted in place of magazines.

Depending on how active the site is, we will either put out a "Fall 2007" or "September 2007" issue in late August or early September.

Summer Magazine June Calendar
July Calendar August Calendar

A zip file where you can download all the pages together is available here.
The PDF version of the magazine is here


Comments returning soon!