Ruby & The Rockits : You Are Where I Live

Show me the way
What are the rules?
How do you keep a family?
What is the key?
How do you stay together?
Whoa oh oh oh,
If love is all you need
To get along
To be strong
For each other
I’ll give you all I can give you where I live.
So hey,
It’s a brand new day
Shouldn’t we celebrate?
Isn’t that what you’re s’pposed to do,
When your dreams come true,
When your whole world turns over?
Whoa oh oh oh,
It all seems so unreal,
So much to feel,
So much to hope for the future,
I’ll give you all I can give you where I live.

And if you promise not to laugh
I’ll admit I’m still scared
Of losing you and everything
That’s made me care

But hey, I’m really okay,
I just can’t believe
I really found my family
And everybody can be
How did I get so lucky?

Whoa oh oh oh
I’ll never let you go
No matter what
No matter where
This love takes me
I’ll give you all I can I give you are where I live

You are where I live I’ll give you all I can give (x3)
Whoa oh oh oh
(Spoken) So I can stay, right?

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